First-Date-Ideas-For-College-StudentsIf you are like most people, then you have sent text messages that you wish you could get back. This happens to the best of us, and whether you sent a text message when you were impaired or just when you were angry or not thinking straight, you have probably learned the hard way that text messages are very powerful. But, if you are in a situation where you have broken up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse then you may find that Text Your Ex Back is able to get you back on track.

Is This Going to Help You?

It is obviously going to take more than just a few text messages to rebuild any relationship, but this is a great start. You cannot communicate properly if the other person will not respond to you, and that is exactly what Text Your Ex Back is designed for. In this program, you will get all the information you need to create text messages that are intriguing, and almost require the other person to respond. In short, this can open the lines of communication for you again. Continue reading “Does Text Your Ex Back Really Work?” »

There is no greater feeling for men than knowing that you satisfy your partner sexually. An unfulfilled bedroom life is usually one of the causes of relationship problems. To the men it can result in feelings of hopelessness and lead to low self esteem. However, all is not lost. Below are guidelines on how to be good in bed for men that will undoubtedly improve your bedroom affairs.


Studies have contended that diet plays a significant role in the bedroom affairs. Men wishing to be good in men should thus cut on diets that kill libido and instead focus on libido boosting foods. Examples of these foods include watermelons, nuts, oysters, and broccoli. Observing the right diet should be coupled with exercise. Exercise promotes healthy working organs which are vital in the bedroom affairs.


Communication enables partners to know what works and what does not work for each other. Men should not assume that they know everything that pleases their partners but should instead consult. Communication promotes an enjoyable sex experience for both partners.


Men should be open to new ideas that will improve the overall sex experience. Relying on old positions may bring boredom in the bedroom. Men should thus try out different methods that will improve satisfaction. However, this should be accompanied by communication so as not to lead to discomfort to their partners also men should seriously think about his Penis size and may use PE Bible techniques to increase his dick size.


Lack of composure lowers the performance of a man in bed. Men seeking to be good in bed should identify ways of maintaining composure before and during bedroom affairs. Men should focus on pleasing their partners instead of focusing on performance. Focusing on performance yields anxiety which destroys the whole experience. During bedroom matters men should control their arousal levels by techniques such as deep breathing and temporary disengagement. This will ensure that the whole experience will last for a longer time

The importance of foreplay in bedroom affairs cannot be underestimated. Foreplay ensures that partners are fully prepared before the actual activity begins. Foreplay also ensures that partners are comfortable with each other. This is the gateway to an enjoyable bedroom affair.

Lack of foreplay leads to feelings of discomfort and pain. Foreplay involves kissing, fondling, light and romantic communication, teasing, and caressing. Men should thus embrace foreplay as this will improve bedroom matters.

Men seeking to be good in bed should thus observe a good diet coupled with exercise, be good communicators, be open-minded, composed, and embrace foreplay. This will definitely improve your bedroom performance.

Majority of registered users in all online dating sites are men by a small margin. That only means to say that there are millions of men out there who also engage in online dating. I have read a lot of online dating profiles and to my surprise, only about 10% have really made a good use of it. Men, majority of it, write online dating profiles like trash. This also goes to women in writing their dating profile, but not the majority of them. I am here to enlighten men in making their online dating profile as interesting, attractive, effective and sensible.

Going back to my post about online dating profiles, the very first thing that you should really give priority is your profile picture. Let’s get real guys, chicks dig handsome men. Much more if you have a Porsche, a Cadillac, or a Lamborghini in your picture with you riding in it. This will really attract people’s attention to your profile and then they will dig in to your profile description.

The profile description is the core of every person’s profile. You describe yourself and what you expect to be your partner. But with that profile format, you will just be like anybody else. Plain. Boring. Continue reading “Online Dating Profile Examples For Men” »

Holidays with DatingOn a typical vacation you choose somewhere warm with a beautiful beach and social scene, wherever you are hoping that the only holidaymakers will be in the hopes that you can drink as many tropical cocktails and have crazy sex vacations. You invest your capital on drinks and food, and trying to make an impression on women, you put on your eyes. Sometimes you win, and from time to time you will not. It can really effectively destroy a well-deserved holiday getaway when you cannot get anyone interesting.

That – that, wherever sex vacation completely different. Receives all the benefits of the standard vacation, but you’re sure to have a nice and sexy friends issue as well. Sexy holidays generally take place in exotic resorts exactly where women from the entire world hang out. You’re all inclusive holiday with one of these exotic resorts and enjoy paleo food using paleo recipe book, and then as a hedonistic fantasy adventure. You are surrounded by stunning women who are into you as much as you – in them. Continue reading “Holidays with Dating” »

Signs That Your Partner Is Ready For MarriageAre wedding bells in your future? Is your significant other ready to take the relationship to the next level? These are nerve-wracking questions to ask yourself especially when you are not sure of the answers. Things may seem great, but how do you know if the person you are with is on the same page? Luckily, According to the tao of badass guide there are some surefire signs that your partner is ready for marriage to look out for. A few things will begin to change when relationships take that final turn into the home stretch; you just have to know what to look out for.

Future Tense

The way your boyfriend or girlfriend talks about the future can be quite revealing. The tao of badass reveal common signs that your partner is ready for marriage include:

  • Talking about having children
  • Discussing the possibility of purchasing a home together
  • Making plans together for the distant future

If these topics come up on a regular basis it is only logical to assume that wedding vows may be around the corner. The more often they come up, the more confident you can be in that assumption. Continue reading “Signs That Your Partner Is Ready For Marriage” »

First Date tips for womenSo you met a guy you really like and agreed to go out with him. The hard part is over, but now you are tossing around ideas for your first date. There are so many possibilities these days that the decision may seem overwhelming. However, this is no time to get stressed out because Obsession Formula is here to help you. Be prepared for the fact that many guys feel that they must come up with an elaborate first date that leaves the girl speechless, but this is pretty far from the truth. In fact, your initial date is likely to go much better if you keep things simple.You can also get tips from Clarey Casey’s dating guide, for more information you can check this review of capture his heart dating course.

The KISS Principle

KISS is an acronym for “keep it simple, stupid”, and while the language is a bit gruff, the message is sound. People often go astray when they make things too complicated, and planning a first date is no exception. Keep in mind that the whole point of the evening is to spend some time together and get to know each other better. The venue you choose should facilitate interaction not distract from it. Continue reading “First Date tips for women” »

Every man will always meet a lady who will attract him. He will admire are and wish to have her. Sometimes its difficult to have her immediately especially when she is a total stranger. A smart guy will not let the woman leave his presence without having a word with her. He will try his best to have his contacts and address for later communication. However not all women will be that simple to give their contacts to strangers or plan to go on date with them.

According to the obsession formula review, the woman may even deny the man time to talk about anything apart from greetings. This may disappoint a man who had very high hopes of having the woman. Now there is a solution for that woman who is hard to get, that girlfriend of yours who has gone and you want her back and the woman you have not had courage to ask them out for a date. The solution is using magnetic messaging. Magnetic messaging is system which teaches men on how to turn to a woman with few words. For guys who want to move from just being friends or those want the girl to follow them,or who wishes your girlfriend to love you again, then what you need is magnetic messaging. Magnetic messaging is known for power to attract woman no matter their status or anything else. Magnetic messaging will help you date hot chiks and love them in a very innovative texts. Magnetic messaging system will help you what to say to her at given time. Continue reading “HOW TO GET THAT WOMAN EASILY” »

I tried The Tao of Badass and wanted to post my review here. Men these days need not to worry about their physical appearance nor get embarrassed because of their lousy physique in order to get noticed by the opposite sex. Josh Pellicer created a manual especially for guys who are suffering from their own bodies. The Tao Of Badass is a manual that allows males to uncover facts that can help them understand how to become badass in terms of attracting women. This product comes in the form of an eBook with bonus videos made by Josh in order to make the whole process easier to understand.

What Makes It Different

The Tao of Badass generally has ten chapters but anyone can easily digest this manual. The entire things do not consist of jargons or confusing words so no one would need a dictionary at stand-by. Josh created it to be completely simple and straight to the point so you do not have to dwell on one chapter for long just so you can understand it. This is a simple reading material which makes sense as you go along the chapters. By reading the stated facts and ideas in the manual guys will have an easier time understanding how to be good with women. The tao system does not include fillers or pages that contain simple credits, advertisements, or nothing at all. Every page is important and contains the much needed information to become that bad ass on women.

All the ten chapters have equal importance and by going through them, you will realize that your money is worth it and so much more. The manual will assist men in becoming good at relating with the opposite sex and also become better persons in the long run. The Tao of Badass also assists men in developing and boosting self-confidence. It fosters a positive outlook on life instead of just guiding men to get that pretty girl. It makes the male species walk this life with self-worth. Continue reading “Why you buy The Tao Of Badass” »

This is a review of The Tao of Badass. So you are probably wondering is The Tao of Badass book the right for me? Is it a scam? Do I really want to spend my money on this product? Well, you have to ask yourself a few questions. If you are the awkward, sweaty, nervous guy in the bookstore then it might be worth a shot.

Ok, So you’re in a bookstore looking for some computer programming books. You are standing there alone in the nerd section of the store and out of nowhere a smoking hot brunette walks up and stands right next to you. She is tall, about 5’7, slender, wearing the sexiest low cut jeans and an oh so snug fitting low cut white t- shirt. ‘She is smart’, you think ‘why else would she be in the programming section?’ Your head unconsciously swivels toward her. She looks at you and you make eye contact. She smiles and adjusts her black square frames.

You start to sweat a little, you want to say something but you can’t so you swallow hard instead. You start to reach for that programming book right in front of you when like a flash your hand touches hers.  You both are reaching for the same book.  Continue reading “Joshua Pellicer the tao of badass review” »

old girl freind backSo you think to yourself “I really like her and I miss being with her. How can i get my old girlfriend back?”

Whether you’re newly separated or haven’t seen her for a year or so, you can still get your old girlfriend back. There’s no guarantees but if she’s a special person to you then it’s worth giving it a shot. You must get an action plan started right away as there’s a possibility she may be snatched up by another guy.

Before you get in touch with her again, you need to analyze the reasons why the relationship failed in the first place.

If it was something she did that caused the relationship to crumble then you need to be able to accept what happened and leave it in the past. Otherwise it’s not going to work out in the long run. Also, if it’s something that you wouldn’t want happening again then you need to be bring it up when you reach out to her. Make sure she knows that you forgive her for whatever it was and you’re willing leave it in the past. But it should never happen again. Continue reading “How Can I Get My Old Girlfriend Back” »